There are only 4 episodes of ‘Snowfall’ left


Before I started writing this, I had no idea the actress who plays Franklin Saint’s mother is British-American.

We are in the final stretch of the final season of the FX series “Snowfall.”

I have been hooked on this show since I first watched the episode. As a Los Angeles native, anything that prominently features my city is always appealing to me, but it is more than that.

“Snowfall” is a compelling show with interconnecting stories of people from various walks of life. Franklin Saint is the glue that connects it all together, but all the people we meet along the way have an impact on the overall story.

The writing and the acting here is superb, and for that, this show deserves all of the awards.

The writers of the show have worked hard to elicit emotions out of us every week, and they have been successful. We mourned Mel getting hooked on crack at the same time we criticized Wanda (Gail Bean) for doing the same thing, only to turn around and root for Wanda to win after she got off the pipe and started trying to do better for herself. 

We have watched Franklin go from a soft-spoken teenage nerd to a boogeyman. We have witnessed former CIA agent Teddy McDonald’s descent into madness and obsession. We’ve noticed Cissy go from hating what her son does to actively participating in it and helping him clean his money. We’ve seen Franklin’s father go from being a houseless drunk to a man trying to make a huge difference in the Black community. 

Seriously, where are the flowers for the writers’ room? They most definitely deserve. 

For theGrio, I wrote “‘Snowfall’ deserves all the awards, and this sixth and final season is proof.

4 thoughts on “There are only 4 episodes of ‘Snowfall’ left

  1. Davon Briggs

    Hello, Monique. I’ve been writing on Snowfall for the past two seasons and I was blessed with the opportunity to co-write this week’s episode. Thank you so much for your kind, and crafty words!

  2. Jeffrey Ogbar

    Yes, to all of this. Thank you for this wonderful celebration of the superb actors that animate the world of “Snowfall” with such aplomb. I’ve been riding with this show since day 1. I grew up in SCLA in the ’80s and have marveled how well they capture so much of it so well. Yes, they deserve their flowers– all the way to the writers room. Great work!

  3. Almas Daughter

    Thanks for the tip on Snowfall. I’m watching the last half of the pilot and it really is good. I like Damson Idris and the storyline is believable. I’m in the middle of two knee replacement surgeries and this is exactly what I need to keep me occupied and focused on my recover. Please let us know about anything else you’re watching.

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