My dog is so spoiled, and it’s all my fault.

She’s gotten used to me giving her a treat every time I come back in the house from a miscellaneous errand — even if it’s just a quick Starbucks run.

She’s gotten so used to it that now when I come back in the house, once I’ve taken off my outside shoes and put my slippers on, she runs to the spot where I normally make her wait for her treats and snacks, and she assumes her begging/say please position and waits for the treat to arrive.

Today, I was out of treats because I need to go shopping, so I gave her a new bully stick instead, and that seemed to do the trick.

I love this little dog so much. I can’t imagine my life without her cuteness in it.

My dog is too funny


I had a Petco bag with Lady’s old leash and harness in it (I bought her new ones) as well as some new bully sticks for later. I left it on the side of my ottoman when we came in.

Tell me why this little heffa sniffed out the bully sticks, went in the bag and got one, took it to her bed, peeled off the label herself (!!!!!) and is currently enjoying it as I type this?

She is very pleased with herself, and I’m just like “She’s too smart for her own good.”