Netflix’s ‘Good Times’ is as offensive as the trailer promised it would be


If Seth McFarlane wanted to make a hard-ER version of ‘Family Guy,’ he could’ve just said that.

That would have been more acceptable than the way he and everyone else attached to this disaster of an animated “comedy” series has played in Black people’s faces.

Netflix’s “Good Times” is every bit as offensive as the two-minute trailer promised it would be, and anyone who chastised people for reacting negatively to the trailer on social media was doing that “a hit dog will holler” thing because, baby? This show is awful.

I’m going to be honest and say that I was immediately turned off by the trailer. I couldn’t understand why anyone would want to reboot “Good Times,” and I couldn’t understand why a “reboot” would include the stereotypes and caricatures I saw in the trailer.

I was determined to give it a try, however, because I wanted to be fair in my critique.
All 10 episodes of the series were released Friday, and the b.s. starts immediately in the first episode. Reggie (voiced by JB Smoove) is in the shower singing part of the original theme song. He is accompanied by a cockroach that is standing on his window sill as he bathes.

It only gets worse from there.

This fourth generation of the Evans family (Reggie is the grandson of James Evans Sr.) lives in the same apartment, 17C, that the original Evans family lived in, and it seems their circumstances still haven’t changed. They are poor, in the projects and struggling just to make it on a daily basis.

Netflix’s ‘Good Times’ is as offensive as the trailer promised it would be
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