Sarah Jane Comrie used her whiteness to try and steal a Citi Bike


Sarah Jane Comrie knew exactly what she was doing when she began yelling. She wanted to draw the wrong type of attention to those young men so she could force them to give her what she wanted — the motorized bike.

She understands that as a white woman, she is always going to be viewed as the victim in any situation. She knows that white comfort is always prioritized over everything else. She is aware that if she makes a loud enough scene, some white man or a cop will come flying in to “rescue” her.

It’s what she wanted.

Sarah Jane Comrie is a 2023 version of Carolyn Bryant.

Bryant, who died two weeks ago on April 25, should have been tried in Emmett Till’s murder, but she never was. She died of old age — a luxury she denied Emmett Till.

Emmett Till was murdered because of her lie.

Sarah Jane Comrie Is A 2023 Version Of Carolyn Bryant

I was very intentional with my language and wording in this piece because I took this situation very personally. Sarah Jane Comrie wanted those boys to be harmed. There was no other reason for her to do what she did other than she wanted someone — either a police officer or some white, male “Good Samaritan” to come to her “rescue” and force those boys to give her the bike she wanted. Or worse.

I can’t stop thinking about how awful the situation could have turned out had a cop happened upon it.

She should be ashamed. I hope she gets everything she deserves and then some.

As I type this, this article is the No. 1 search result for her name in Google. Good. We need to keep her name trending. We need to make this show up any time someone is looking for her in Google.

She needs to be shamed for what she did.

This is me doing my part.

2 thoughts on “Sarah Jane Comrie used her whiteness to try and steal a Citi Bike

  1. Yvette

    Yes, keep her name present since she wanted to go big and lie with her ranting. Also, I find it strange her job is sending a work lawyer to protect “karen” they know something is wrong with her but they’re still willing to keep her working in the hospital. Things that make you go mmmm. The young man should be suing her for slander and for making false statements against him.

  2. Naomi

    For every riled up comment defending Comrie’s abhorrent actions, I want you and others who are “doing their part” to see/hear 5 comments nodding in agreement. Thank you for your piece and for doing the hard work. We hear you, and we appreciate you.

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