My comments section is going wild right now


White people really don’t like it when you call out blatant racism and racist acts.

I just wrote 1671 words about the social and power constructs of whiteness, race, and racism that will likely run on theGrio on Monday. I will link to it when it is live.

Discussions on race, racism, whiteness, white privilege, and white supremacy are so exhausting when they happen with white people who want to remain intentionally oblivious to the impact these things have on marginalized communities.

I could say more, but I think I will just write a newsletter about it.

3 thoughts on “My comments section is going wild right now

  1. Bad Grandma

    You didn’t call out anything but your own gibbering ignorance, and the fact that you had to resort to Dolly Parton’s SISTER speaks for itself. Was Loretta Lynn’s cousin Ted unavailable?

    As simpleton-diddling race-hustlers go, you suck.

    • I know a lot of you struggle with reading comprehension, but try to stay with me here. Stella Parton, Dolly’s sister, made HEADLINES with her tweets, which is why she was included in the post. Learn how to read, Bad Grandma.

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