MLK is not your Black Jesus, white people


Today, on the 55th anniversary of his murder, I wrote about how white people weaponize Dr. Martin Luther King, his work, and his message against Black people.

“One of the biggest lies ever told about King is that he believed in a colorblind society. This is false.

It is an idea derived from a 40-word passage from his 1963 “I Have a Dream” speech in which he said, ‘I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. I have a dream today.’

And if we are being honest, that 40-word passage has been whittled down to nine simple words “not be judged by the color of their skin.”

What King meant when he said that and what white people have twisted it to mean are two different things.”

Dear white people: Martin Luther King Jr. is not Black Jesus. He did not die for our ‘sins.’

One thought on “MLK is not your Black Jesus, white people

  1. Damian Havens

    Anyone who has a conscience and respects life knows that racism is wrong and evil.. As a white man here in America the narrative you paint of our society being completely controlled by racists white people, all of us white guys boxed in a corner and labeled the same.. we allegedly sitting around focused on keeping black people down denying them same rights and freedoms that we freely enjoy..and frankly I’m sick of it and have been a long time. The classic white guy mistake. when accused falsely of being racists responding with ‘i have black friends too I’m not racist”. Most people know what the response to that is ..almost always.. “that’s what all the racist guys say”. White men can’t even defend themselves verbally against false allegations of racism.. and in this life ive been on the receiving end of racists remarks and comments from blacks..far more racist rhetoric from black men and attacked for being white only. In fact I’ve only heard racists garbage from a few whites in my whole life. But primarily blacks. I’ve lived in many of the states from New York to California..and that has been my experience.. I don’t get the whole “white privilege” I’m a dirt poor lumberjack from upstate New York. My family is in poverty and has been for generations.. Ive been locked up in prison many times and I never in the 10 times I’ve been arrested have I ever got off the hook or charges dropped or even bailed out. I don’t get preferential treatment or a “get out of jail free card” as the White man Is source of all evil crowd might suggest I even had officers kneel on my neck while arresting me nearly suffocating me to death for sustained period…..I don’t deny racism exists but I feel these types of articles only fuel more bigotry and hatred.. it’s not so easy being a whitman these days. And I feel the racism in this country is over exaggerated.’s here exists its ugly part of history and our culture, .but it isn’t meshed into our society and system and government like this article suggests.. like white man’s rules are all to keep black men from living equal to white isn’t rampant in moderne society and so engrained into our system or something like this article and many others I’ve read in past that are similar in topic and content suggest..give some of us a break..I shave my head because I have 5 kids and I’m always broke I can’t afford a haircut.. so I shave that makes me a Nazi!! See my predicament and my perspective too.. we aren’t all insecure ignorant bigots and racist. America isn’t rigged by white people for white peoples advantage. We all have the same chance to make it or not here in modern times USA .

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