It’s Monday, so that means I’m checking (white) people. Again.


There is a new issue of my newsletter, “off the record.”

I’ve started a regular weekly feature on Mondays called “Monique’s Mailbag” in which I respond to the various comments, tweets, DMs and emails I receive from people about the things I write.

I was inspired by my friend, colleague, and contemporary Michael Harriot and a running feature he used to do weekly at that site we both no longer work for.

I mostly get responses from angry white people who don’t appreciate me talking about race, racism, racial injustice and things of that nature. Their tears are very delicious, and they keep my skin with a youthful glow.

This week’s mailbag includes a lot of people angry about the columns I wrote about digital blackface and disgraced meteorologist Barbie Bassett.

  • Some white people really hate it when I or any other Black person points out blatant racism.
  • Some white people really hate being told they can’t do something — like say the word “nigga” or use certain parts of Black slang.
  • Some white people weaponize Dr. King’s words against Black people as some sort of gotcha moment, while simultaneously proving they don’t really understand what he said anyway.
  • Other white people act like MLK is some sort of Black Jesus who died voluntarily for the sins of Black people.
  • Some white people type long ass walls of texts with very little punctuation and no paragraph breaks and expect you to read all of that shit.
  • Some white people prove they don’t really have any valid counter-argument against what I am saying, so they just resort to calling me fat as if that’s supposed to hurt my feelings or make me stop doing what I do.

This week’s mailbag is long, but it is very worth the read. I’m open to hearing what you think.

Monique’s Mailbag #2 – Apparently I am not Black enough to say the n-word.