Let’s do this, Tuesday


I went to my regular Starbucks this morning, and my drink was perfect. I have finally figured out my perfect formula: 4 shots of espresso and a splash of steamed vanilla sweet cream.

Hello, Tuesday. I am ready to beat you into submission.

I had a tele-health visit with my primary care physician this morning. I got scheduled to get my IUD in the next few weeks, and she feels confident that it will stop these heavy ass periods I keep having.

I’m so over having a period and buying tampons and all that jazz. I’m almost 52 years old. I don’t want children. Enough is enough.

I just wrote 890 words about Angela Bassett and how white people expected her to grin and bear it after the Oscars played in her face on Sunday.

2 thoughts on “Let’s do this, Tuesday

  1. M

    Oh please. Your article is ridiculous! If Jamie Lee Curtis sat there and pouted and didn’t even clap for Angela you’d be writing another article about how racist she was. Get over yourself. Yes Angela is a fantastic actress and should have probably won or at least been a tie but she showed total lack of respect for JLC by not even clapping and being supportive. Race has NOTHING to do with it. I also noticed that when JLC lost to her you conveniently didn’t mention how JLC stood and clapped for Angela even though she didn’t win the Golden Globe. She was being supportive, and so should have Angela.

    • Race has everything to do with it, but as a white person with privilege, I can see you being unwilling to see that. Not to mention, this is about the reaction to Angela’s very real response to losing. It’s not about who clapped for who. It’s about the expectation that she was supposed to hide her disappointment. Learn how to read for understanding instead of just skimming so you can find one tiny thing to respond to.

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