I had no idea WordPress referenced my article about blogging


I was using Google to try and find an article I was sure I had written before, and my name came up on a WordPress.com link.

When I clicked the link, I saw that Melissa King had referenced me and my plea to “Bring Back Personal Blogging” that I wrote for “The Verge” back in December. How dope is that?

She opens the article with a reference to my blogging piece, and then later, she uses me as an example of how to do a personal blog by citing this very site!

I do use WordPress for this site, so I’m sure that helps, but this is super dope and flattering. Shout out to Melissa and the team at WordPress.

I do still firmly believe in the power of personal blogging and owning your own platform. What I do here and over at “off the record” is important to me because, and I’ve said this before, our relationships with social media platforms are tenuous at best. If nothing else, the current situation at Twitter is showing us on a daily basis how important it is that we have a permanent space for the content we create — a space that we own.

If Mark Zuckerberg or Elon Musk suddenly decide to do away with these platforms that we’ve gotten so used to using, what happens to our work then? Where will our personal record and documentation of our having been here during this time and space be?

If you haven’t already, I highly recommend you register a domain and set up your own personal site right away.

WordPress is very easy and user friendly, and you can have your own website set up and running in no time.

Own your content. Claim your real estate on the web.

Start your personal blog today.