Van Jones is a problem for Black people


A recording and transcript of the speech Jones delivered were published online yesterday. Regardless of where you stand on what exactly he was apologizing for, the entire thing reeks of both-sideism. Jones discredits activism in the Black community, throws Black people under the bus in favor of trying to score points with white people and blames us for Kanye West. In short, this mess stinks, but let me go point-by-point and explain why. 

Op-Ed: Van Jones Needs To Be Held Accountable For His Anti-Black Comments

For NewsOne, I shared my thoughts on Van Jones and his apology to the Jewish community on behalf of Black people.

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I am wondering what possessed Van Jones to stand in front of a room full of white people and act like he was the elected delegate for the Black coalition. He is not. His cringe-worthy speech reached epic levels of offensiveness when he sought to diminish the years of work freedom fighters have done in the name of boosting the Jewish community and gaining approval from the white gaze.

This man must be stopped.

Read the full op-ed, and let me know what you think.

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