It’s safer to be a neo-Nazi in Florida than it is to be Black or LGBTQ+


In the same press release, which denounced the demonstrations for the bigoted hate parades that they were, the ADL said another demonstration took place later that same day. The two extremist groups involved in that hate gathering were identified as the Goyim Defense League (GDL) and Blood Tribe (BT). The second “demonstration,” which the participants called the “March of the Redshirts,” included 51 people — all of whom were wearing red shirts, black masks and black pants. They carried swastika flags, performed Hitler salutes and yelled things like “white power” and “Jews will not replace us.”

USA Today reports that some of those involved in the demonstrations displayed messaging in support of Ron DeSantis, their resident bigot-in-chief. 

Some Florida lawmakers have come out to denounce the demonstrations, but you know who has yet to say anything about them? 

Ron DeSantis. 

Through his words and legislative actions, DeSantis has created an environment where bigotry feels free to walk proudly in neon clothing out in the open. It doesn’t have to hide under the white hoods and sheets of yesteryear. It can show its face proudly because the highest-ranking member of the state government has given bigots a pass to do what they want. 

It’s safer to be a neo-Nazi in Florida than it is to be Black or LGBTQ+

Van Jones is a problem for Black people


A recording and transcript of the speech Jones delivered were published online yesterday. Regardless of where you stand on what exactly he was apologizing for, the entire thing reeks of both-sideism. Jones discredits activism in the Black community, throws Black people under the bus in favor of trying to score points with white people and blames us for Kanye West. In short, this mess stinks, but let me go point-by-point and explain why. 

Op-Ed: Van Jones Needs To Be Held Accountable For His Anti-Black Comments

For NewsOne, I shared my thoughts on Van Jones and his apology to the Jewish community on behalf of Black people.

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What we not gon do is let Sarah Silverman attack Holly Robinson Peete


The other issue is the way Silverman came at Peete. Nowhere in Silverman’s timeline is there a tweet showing her directly addressing anyone else about their presumed silence on the issue of Kanye’s anti-semitic statements. Yet she felt totally emboldened to go after a Black woman. 

Sarah Silverman went after Holly Robinson Peete on Twitter, and it’s not OK