It’s Wednesday, and I’m not wearing pink


It’s Wednesday. I didn’t necessarily feel like it, but I got my ass up, said an affirmation in the mirror, and decided I am going to kick Wednesday’s ass. 

I’m not wearing pink, but I’m wearing all black, and Wednesday Addams wears all black, so it’s kinda the same thing, right?

Today’s Mood Board. 

I’m definitely feeling myself.
I have had short hair, and I know I can rock a short hairstyle very well, but these braids all the way down to my ass? I’m probably going to rock these in various colors for the rest of the year. 

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I wrote a newsletter update.

Can we talk about how messed up Twitter is right now?

I opened the app on Saturday morning, and I was greeted with a message that told me I can no longer use SMS two-factor authentication unless I am subscribed to Twitter Blue, which, lmao, bye nigga. So fine. I go to remove that particular method of 2FA, and get a repeated error message that won’t let me turn it off.

Elon over here fucking it up for everybody.

The other thing I noticed is notifications that tell you a person has liked multiple tweets from you are functioning differently. Previously, if you clicked that notification, it would show you all the tweets they liked. Now when you click it, it takes you to their Twitter page.

This man has seriously ruined what was at least a mostly functional social media tool.