‘Fo shizzle, my nizzle…’


I’m sure Barbie was a beloved part of people’s daily news routine down there, and that’s fine, but there’s this thing that happens when white people get too comfortable around Black people: They start thinking they can say and do things they normally wouldn’t if they didn’t have that familiarity. 

To be clear, “nizzle” is a euphemism for the n-word. Most of us know that, and I’m sure Barbie Bassett was well aware of that before she let it come out of her mouth. Using the euphemism instead of the real word when you are a white person is still egregious no matter how you try to defend it or spin it. You shouldn’t be trying to use that word in any way, shape or form, even if you try to say she was just emulating or paying homage to Snoop Dogg, it’s still wrong. 

It’s just like the digital blackface conversation — there are no passes for this. 

Bassett has not appeared on air since the incident happened, and according to multiple news reports, no reason has been given for her absence. While station vice president and general manager Ted Fortenberry said on social media, “WLBT is unable to comment on personnel matters,” there is no official word on whether she has actually been fired. Her bio is no longer on the station’s website, and she has reportedly removed any mention of WLBT from her Facebook page. 

A white lady news anchor said ‘fo shizzle my nizzle’ on air and got benched for her trouble

14 thoughts on “‘Fo shizzle, my nizzle…’

    • Sam sturgeon

      It’s not racist to quote famous lines from a music artist. But it is to write what you wrote about it. You need to have a chat with yourself.

  1. De'Levontavious

    I think the funniest part of this nonsensical article is the self-described “creator” label after Ms. Judge’s name. “Racist” would be appropriate. However, I always get lots ofchuckles when reading Ms. Judge’s tears, so “humorist” would slso apply. Keep it real, sis.

  2. Whitney

    I agree with everything but the Kroger(s) thing. I read that you’re in L.A. I don’t know if you’re from there, but that added a is a southern thing. The hyperlink went to a Twitter feed that I thought was oddly hilarious. Everyone (most everyone) in the South says Krogers. Wawas. (J.C.) Penneys. Nordstroms. Costcos. Like Daylight SavingS. Southerners will put an s on anything. Or we’ll end a word at the s. Think “jus’”. We addeth letters and we taketh away with impunity.

  3. Gina

    Hmmm…I love it when racist blacks call white people racist. Can you just imagine the uproar if a white person wrote that there are certain words/phrases that a black person shouldn’t say because they should only be said by whites?? Or if we said a black person shouldn’t get too comfortable around whites?? The hypocrisy is astounding. Like black people constantly calling white people whitey and not acknowledging that is a racism term.

    • Eric J Phillips

      I agree with you ?! If all of these sayings are “SOOO WRONG ” THEN IT’S NOT RIGHT FOR ANYONE TO SAY! INCLUDING BLACK PEOPLE! STOP BEING A HYPOCRITE AND SEE IT FOR WHAT IT IS! CRY ABOUT RACISM AND THEN PERPETUATE IT AT THE SAME TIME! I THINK YOU SHOULD HAVE A CONVERSATION WITH MORGAN FREEMAN! WHOM I ADMIRE AND RESPECT WITH REVERENCE! OH YEAH, and the beloved Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. Would be turning over In his grave at the injustices of the very things that he DIED FOR!!!!!!!! NOT ONLY ARE “YOU” TARNISHING HIS CAUSE, FIGHT, STRUGGLE AND LEGACY, YOU ARE JUST FUELING AND FANNING THE FLAMES OF INJUSTICES AND PLAYING RIGHT INTO THE HANDS OF THE PEOPLE WHO WANT TO PERPETUATE THIS RACISM BULLSHIT! And yeah, the Elitests want exactly that! And it’s unfortunately not just rich white people! In fact I personally admire and respect 100’s of people of all colors and geographic locations! And while we are on this Racism kick, the term RACISM was not even part of society as a thing, until someone decided to divide people into RACES to begin with. There is only ONE RACE ! AND THAT IS THE HUMAN RACE! everyone is different from another in one way, shape form or COLOR! MAYBE PEOPLE SHOULD BE CONCENTRATING ON ALL OF OUR SIMILARITIES RATHER THAN OUR DIFFERENCES! Two wrongs don’t make a right! Discrimination against ANYONE is wrong period!!!!!!! HATE against ANYONE is wrong period!!!!

  4. Rose

    Thank you for writing this. Awareness is always – always – a good thing. Writers are often criticized for raising it, so it’s important for you to know you’re not alone. The trick is to keep writing about what you know to be the truth. Not perceived truth or invented truth or false flags. The real thing. Just keep writing.

    • Mark Stephens

      rose you are an idiot virtue signaling square, i am white in amarillo tx and i say nigga all day and get called nigga all day from my blacc friends since kindergarten and we all love it more than you love yourself, so shut up gilligan

  5. Steve

    I think you should check google.com and dictionary.com to see what the meaning of “fo shizzle my nozzle” is. To be honest, I had never considered it could be negative. Just thought it meant “for sure” with a slang term of endearment added to it. Those website definitions say I was correct in my assumption. Which means you are the one reading it as a negative statement yourself. I say you owe Barbie an apology!

  6. Amethyst

    I think assuming people know the meaning is overstepping as I didn’t. It is a line a popular celebrity used and that’s all I knew until now. Education was needed but this woman should not have lost her job. No matter what race you are it is unfortunate to feel happy about another’s misfortune.

  7. Koley

    Curious… Sally Jessie Raphael wore red glasses like you are wearing in your profile picture. Would it be fair to say you stole that look from some white lady or borrowed it from the fashion industry trend? Barbie LIVES IN A BLACK COMMUNITY? You said do yourself! So, she takes on the trend of what is said around her- yet she’s a racist? People pick up slang from culture all the time- as educators we call that “Immersion”.
    Girl, move on and use your column for good.

  8. Mark Stephens

    this chic is racist as fucc, i am white and i am gonna start sayin blacc people lines just cause i can and nothing anyone will do bout it, sicc of these blacc folks getting passes on whites baccs, my blacc friends are ashamed of this gilligan girl and wish she would stop with all the bs, she just loves to hate on whitey, if she comes to amarillo tx she is gonna get a lesson on being hypocrite and false speakin on it, she is a disgrace to blacc future everything so bump your gums in a orkas reach please it is best entertainment for all us nonwoke folks elopes

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