My favorite drug dealer TV shows, ranked


Now, I realize that my favorites are not everyone else’s favorites, and I realize that I have not watched all the same shows as everyone else, so this is why I say this is my ranking. It’s not definitive by any means; it is just a listing of the ones I like. Your opinion will likely differ, and that’s fine. Go write about it somewhere else because another thing about me? I’m not finna argue with y’all about nothing. 

Oh, one other thing before I get this list started. All of these shows are personal favorites. A show being last on the list doesn’t mean it is a bad show; it wouldn’t be on this list if I didn’t like it and recommend it for viewing. It just means that when compared to my other favorite shows, this is where it is on the list. 

Let’s begin. 

My favorite drug dealer TV shows, ranked

You happy now, bitch?

A screenshot of the headline, header image and byline for Monique Judge's article on actor Wendell Pierce, featured on Andscape.

“Wendell Pierce is a Black man who grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana, with parents who stressed education — understanding that your first wealth is health, and soon thereafter is education,” the actor, who recently became the first Black man to play the lead in Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman on Broadway, told Andscape.

How ‘Death of a Salesman’ helped Wendell Pierce become fearless

Y’all. I had the extreme pleasure of interviewing actor Wendell Pierce to discuss his role playing Willy Loman in Death of a Salesman. Pierce is the first Black actor to play the role on Broadway.

Wendell Pierce is one of my favorite actors. I stan. I was so excited to do this interview, and he did not disappoint. (read more after the jump)

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