Return of the Mack


Good morning!

As I have shared in my writing as of late, I have not been in a good place mentally over the last few weeks.

Depression is a monster, and when it takes over, even the smallest of tasks can feel insurmountable. The inability to focus long enough to get anything done is a productivity killer, and for someone like me who works primarily as a freelancer or contract worker, that means it’s an income killer as well.

As I’ve said before, my default during these situations is to try and fight my way out of it as quickly as possible, which means I’m ultimately not allowing myself enough time to process what is happening or properly heal from it.

I intentionally did not do that this time.

I took my time coming out of this funk. I allowed myself to experience every feeling, mood, and emotion as it happened. I was gentle with myself. I pampered. I slept. I ate what I wanted, and I didn’t beat myself up about it either.

I was finally able to go out and be social this weekend, and spending time with a good friend was good for my soul.

I feel ready to face the world and all its challenges again.

Hello, Tuesday. How are you?