Carlee Russell doesn’t owe us anything


Here is where I inform you that Carlee Russell doesn’t owe anyone anything. She doesn’t have to talk about what happened to the public. The only questions she needs to answer are those from law enforcement investigators working on her case. That’s it, and that’s all. 

The internet and social media specifically have put us in a space where people expect instant gratification at every turn. 

A woman disappears on Thursday night, returns to her family safely on Saturday night, and by Tuesday, everyone is demanding that the police investigation be wrapped up and a full public disclosure be made about what happened in these last four days. 

Except this is not an episode of “Law & Order: SUV.” This is someone’s real life. 

Did you pray for her safe return because you actually wanted her to return safely, or did you post your “prayers” to social media for the likes and clout?

Do you actually care about the safety and well-being of Black women, or is Black suffering more your kink?

Carlee Russell doesn’t owe us anything