Black People Have Been Having A Time With The ‘Fade In The Water’


At the end of it all, multiple people were arrested — including the white men who started it in the first place after they were identified by people in the crowd watching, 

Since it was all caught on video, hopefully they won’t escape accountability for their actions. 

Because that’s really what all of this boils down to, and that’s what’s really driving the pure joy Black people are experiencing in this moment — accountability. 

You see, accountability is like kryptonite to whiteness. Whiteness is quick to deflect when it’s in the wrong, but that same whiteness will demand accountability for Black people at every stop. It’s a weird type of cognitive dissonance none of us have been able to figure out yet. 

As Black people, we have to defend our humanity on a daily basis in America. Whiteness is a privilege that is wielded over us heavily on a daily basis in all parts of our lives. Black people can’t eat, sleep, walk down the street, go to the pool, play in the park with their children, or do relatively anything without their words and actions being policed by white people. 

And because of whiteness, there are white people who believe they don’t owe any respect to Black people in positions of authority. 

Witnessing a group of white people get their comeuppance for disrespecting and physically attacking a Black man who was simply doing his job is the smallest and sweetest of victories, and baby? We will take it. 

Black People Have Been Having A Time With The ‘Fade In The Water’