The world of dating apps is scary

me discussing my adventures on the dating app Hinge

Recently, I decided to try out the dating app Hinge. What I discovered is men decidedly not OK.

Their dating profiles reveal that even though they express a desire for a woman who is not bringing along any baggage from previous relationships, they are most definitely paying the checked bag fee for themselves.

I’ve seen everything from “I don’t want a woman who has more testosterone than me” to “I don’t need no independent woman. Let a man be a man.” It’s puzzling because how can someone else stop you from being a man? Even if a woman is independent, why are you bothered—or worse, threatened—by that?

I have since deactivated my profile because I don’t know what to make of what’s out there, and honestly, I don’t want to try to figure it out.

I guess I’ll stick to what I know—chatting people up on social media and seeing what happens.