It’s Tuesday already


This week is already flying by. ???

I started the morning off right with a delicious breakfast.

a picture of a plate with arugula, grape tomatoes, and avocado under two runny eggs with everything bagel seasoning sprinkled on top. on each side of the breakfast salad there is a piece of toasted and buttered french bread.
Breakfast salad: Arugula, grape tomatoes, avocado and two runny eggs. No salad dressing. The buttered french bread toast is my carb treat.

I’m going to try out a new chicken wings recipe for dinner tonight. I’ll let you know how it goes.

3:31 p.m.

As usual, I can hear GTA through my PS5 controller because I leave myself logged in at all times so my dope can build up.

There is currently a group of what sounds like at least 3 or 4 tweens in the lobby playing, fighting, and killing each other. One of the white ones just told the one Black one I can hear, “You’re a fucking nigger.”

They start so young.