it’s like a text version of OnlyFans


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3 thoughts on “it’s like a text version of OnlyFans

  1. Eric

    Hello Monique,

    My name is Eric and I just read your article on Kyrie’s post and the lack of criticism directed at Jeff Bezos. I believe it’s my first Monique Judge article and it was excellent. I am a Jewish American who is alarmed by how much general hate there is at the present. I agree fully with every point you made. Of course I have not heard that many negative stories about the Queen, but I certainly can believe she like many world leaders did some horrible things that some how manage to evade their public resume. I only have a question then. You are right about Bezos, but Kyrie does seem to have a habit for saying controversial things. His biggest issue is probably the lack of a filter. I as a Jewish basketball fan am fine with the teams response, and I believe Adam Silver the Jewish commissioner of basketball that Kyrie is no hater. Do you think that he is drawing this attention because he is prone to saying outrageous things? I am not indicating that this would be fair, just asking. He doesn’t seem to advocate the way Lebron does, or even Coach Rivers, rather Kyrie just seems to like to get a reaction by saying controversial things. Bezos needs to speak up. Great article, thank you.

  2. Patrick Baker

    Hi Monique, this appears to be the easiest way for me to send you a message (as I don’t have social media accounts). I don’t have anything of substance to say, I just wanted to say I read one of your pieces, first: I think that you are a wonderful writer, succinct and to the point are traits I respect. Second: thanks for defending Holly Robinson Peete in a logical and civil fashion. Finally (and most importantly): I too am a huge fan of the Oxford comma, I’m sometimes bothered when it is not employed. Thank you for your hard work.

  3. Meaghan Callahan

    I just read your hilarious and on point article on The Grio about Drake being a silly ho and generally, Canadian. How come his face seems like it is stretching further and further around his dome? Also, why is he allowed to openly groom teenage girls?

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