I love when Black Twitter watches a show as a family


My favorite nights on Twitter are the nights when some movie or program is on television and Black Twitter watches it as a family, providing commentary all the way through.

We have done this with Game of Thrones, House of the Dragon, and a lot of other television shows and made-for-tv movies.

We did it again this Tuesday when the Golden Globe Awards aired on NBC for the first time in two years.

Jerrod Carmichael was the host, and his hosting gig comes on the heels of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s big scandal surrounding their lack of diversity and the fact that they had no Black voting members. Black actors and Black projects were repeatedly ignored when it came for Golden Globe Awards nominations and the awards themselves.

Once called out for their fuckery, HFPA took action to try and mitigate the issue, and when I say “took action,” what I mean is they did what a lot of organizations and corporations do when they get called out for something. They rushed out to add Black people to their team—six, to be exact—and then went in search of a Black face to put out in front of everyone as their “representative” their first time out of the house since NBC put them on punishment.

Jerrod Carmichael addressed that as soon as he started his monologue, and his take on it was hilarious. He didn’t shy away from addressing the HFPA issues head on, and he didn’t hold his tongue when discussing them. They probably won’t have him back, but I don’t think he cares about that; he secured his bag already.

For theGrio, I wrote “When addressing its diversity issue, the Golden Globes clearly understood the assignment.