Happy 4/20


If you are me, it’s 4/20 every day at 4:20 p.m.

I am not going to lie; I love cannabis. I love it in all its many forms.

I smoke flower, eat edibles, and vape daily. I’ve dabbed on occasion. I used to have a water bong, but I broke it and never replaced it.

I mostly roll joints, but I have a glass blunt to use as well.

I. Love. Weed.

I don’t use the word marijuana anymore because of the negative and stigmatized connotation attached to it. It’s cannabis all day over here.

Anyway, for theGrio, I wrote “This year on 4/20, I want to express my gratitude for legalized cannabis.”

I live in California, and medical use has been legal here for at least two decades. Recreational use became legal five years ago, and the ease with which we are able to get it has changed too.

I used to go to the dispensary all the time, but now the dispensary is on my phone. I use an app that lets me pick not just flower, but edibles as well. I can fill up a shopping cart, and some cool delivery driver will bring a sealed bag full of product to my front door within an hour or so. 

Things have definitely changed for me and the “weed man.”

So as today is 4/20, I want to acknowledge that I am truly thankful for legalized cannabis. I’m thankful for this natural herb that helps me get through the day without stabbing anyone.

I also discuss the difference between indica and sativa, and I go into how I use both types in different ways.

I actually like talking about cannabis  a lot. I like talking to other people who use it and getting recommendations from them.

What’s your favorite strain?

Check out my piece on theGrio and let’s discuss.