Byron Allen knows how to throw a party


Elgin Charles low key clowned my braids last night, and I ain’t even mad at him for it.

The thing about wearing knotless braids versus regular box braids is that because of the technique used to braid your hair and add braiding hair to it (mine are all the way to my butt) is they begin to look old a lot quicker.

I thought it was just me until I saw a post on TikTok where other women were discussing it. When Shara braided my hair, I asked how long they normally last, and I suggested maybe two months. She shook her head and told me she would not recommend wearing them that long without at least getting them touched up at the one month mark.

I just hit the four-week mark today, and now I can see what she means. They have only been in for four weeks, but they look like they have been in much longer.

So when I ran into Elgin Charles at Bryon Allen’s Oscar gala last night, his hair was whipped, as usual. I complimented him on it, and I told him I live literally down the street from his Beverly Hills Salon.

He smiled at me and asked, “Oh yeah? And how long have you been wearing these…braids?”

I was standing with Carla Renata when this happened, and I looked at her and started laughing. Then I turned back to Elgin.

“That was a read, honey,” I said, laughing.

“Was it? I didn’t mean it to be,” he said.

“Nah, that’s OK,” I replied. “I like it when people keep it real.”

It was a fun and hilarious moment, and it was just one of many that happened last night at the gala.

I wrote about it for theGrio. Read Byron Allen’s Oscar Gala a festive celebration and fundraiser on Hollywood’s biggest night.