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  1. TM

    I’d like to say you took the words out of my mouth but yours were absolutely perfect. Well said. Thank you for this article. I was angered after watching the video & am not proud of my thoughts to contact the hospital. Have we learned nothing since “there were good people on both sides”? And as importantly, since George Floyd? This could have easily morphed into a disaster.

  2. Tina n franklin

    Great job! Keep the main thing, the main thing! HER BEHAVIOR COULD HAVE PUT THOSE MEN IN DANGER! PERIOD!

  3. Piper

    Great read! Excellent writing too, I’m usually so disappointed in current journalism and writing styles. I’m not surprised but incredibly saddened that everyone doesn’t share this perspective. That woman is a danger to society and should be locked away. Keep up the good fight and thank you for not backing down.

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